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Incredible Holt Shirt

Incredible Holt Shirt

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Holt is a brave, strong, articulate, hilarious little boy with a faith in God that could bring a grown man to tears and who has been undergoing various medical testing and treatments since February. He was diagnosed back in February with a very rare form of cancer called retinoblastoma.

Well, by a genuine miracle, it turned out that Holt did not have cancer! Hallelujah! Unfortunately,  Holt has not been fully well and doctors have been unable to discover the cause of swelling and pain in his face since his eye was first examined earlier in the year. His mother and father have been relentless pursuers of answers and have been fighting on Holt's behalf since January to get to the cause of Holt's various medical mysteries.

Fast forward to now, she and her sweet husband have found themselves right back in the "waiting zone" as they await results from a biopsy taken from a mass in his cheek this week that will hopefully reveal a concrete answer in the next 7 days and enable them to formulate a treatment plan for their precious son. 

If you feel led, or moved by Holt's story, or just want to help a truly deserving family during a time of unimaginable stress and suffering, please show your support by purchasing an Incredible Holt t-shirt. 

100% of the profits from the Incredible Holt shirts are donated to his family to help cover medical expenses.