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The Leopard Bear Cares

I met Alden in 2016 when I joined a random Bible study group based on the group description, which included something about yoga pants and dry shampoo. I knew these were the kind of Jesus loving women I needed in my life.

Alden is a beam of light for every person she meets. She radiates warmth and makes you feel like you're the only person that matters when she's talking with you. She's hilarious, and caring, and oh my goodness, does this woman have wisdom and always know the perfect thing to say and the perfect way to say it. She has been an incredible blessing to me and has inspired me to grow in my faith and in the way I interact with other people.

In the past 6 months, Alden has had to endure mama-suffering that no mother should have to endure. The kind of trials that shatter your heart and leave you no choice but to hit your knees and beg God to perform a miracle. On Valentine's Day, Alden was told that her son has a rare form of cancer. She was later told that it was likely, based on the medical evidence they had, that the cancer had spread to his brain. Well, by a genuine miracle, it turned out that Holt did not have cancer! Hallelujah! Unfortunately, since then, Holt has not been fully well and doctors have been unable to discover the cause of swelling and pain in his face since his eye was first examined earlier in the year. 

Alden and her husband Jeff have been relentless pursuers of answers and have been fighting on Holt's behalf since January to get to the cause of Holt's various medical mysteries. He underwent a procedure today in which they biopsied a mass in his face and are testing it for a plethora of causes. Once again, Alden and Jeff are having to wait by the phone to hear if their little angel has cancer, and if not, what he does have and how to make it go away. 

The Leopard Bear is donating 10% of all profits to help Alden and her family cover medical expenses for Holt.

Thank you for helping support such a loving, deserving family who has never wavered in their faith during this incredibly difficult season of uncertainty. In fact, their faith has multiplied and encouraged and inspired thousands of other families.